JAVORINA furniture is made on the basis of your order.

Its production, material and method of processing are at a high quality level

which corresponds to the selling price.

You can pay for the purchase of Javorina products through the online store in one of three proven and secure ways:


1. By bank transfer (when entering a payment, select "payment by bank transfer", you will immediately receive instructions for the execution of the transaction

2. CardPay online payment gateway, when you enter your data in a secure environment

payment card (VISA, MAESTRO, MASTER Card ...) and verifying the code at your bank

complete the payment

3. Payment via the PayPal payment portal, which will immediately verify your payment and complete the payment immediately.

We check all purchases and transactions in detail and explain their course and success to Clients.

In case of any need or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact us.