1. How to order goods?

Choose goods. After clicking on the selected product category in the left menu, select the product you like in the catalog. After clicking on the selected goods, you will see detailed information about the product, its design and alternatives.

2. Product detail

Product detail contains the most important information about the product, brief description and photo. When the product suits you, click the Add to Cart button. You just put the goods in the basket without obligation and you can remove it from the basket at any time later.

3. Cart

After adding the product to the cart, the system will automatically display the contents of the cart in the main menu. After clicking the Go to cart button, the system will automatically direct you to the Shopping cart. The cart clearly displays all the goods you have placed in it. Each piece of goods is on a separate line. It is possible to change the number of products of one type or to remove the product by clicking the Remove button. If you want to add another product to the cart, proceed according to points 1 to 4. Otherwise, select the Type of payment and click the Continue order button.

4. Order confirmation

The system offers you two options:

1. purchase with login

2. purchase without login

4.1 Purchase with login

If you already have your own account in the online store www.shop.javorina.eu, just click on the "Send order" button.

4.2 Purchase without login

If you are not registered on www.shop.javorina.eu yet, fill in all the information needed to deliver the goods and click on the "Continue ordering" button.

5. Overview of orders

After confirming orders, all your orders are automatically saved in the Order History section. This section contains details of all your orders placed so far. You can put the goods in the basket even if you are not registered in our store. After inserting all the goods you want to buy, press the "CART" button

If you are not yet our customer, you will have to register - your purchase will remain in the cart during registration. After successfully completing the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in your e-mail box stating that you have ordered the goods from us.

If you have problems with the order or need advice or help with something, you can also order the goods by direct contact.