The surface treatment of furniture with preparations based on natural waxed oils these days is the predominant surface treatment of modern solid wood furniture. It preserves the natural character of the product and its significant advantage is also easy maintenance and full recoverability of damaged surfaces at home. On the other hand, oiling does not provide as high protection against moisture and mechanical damage as painting (especially at the beginning of use), and therefore it is necessary to create the thickest continuous layer of oil and wax by regular treatment. After purchasing the product, it is advisable to gently sand all, but especially the upper surfaces of furniture desks and tables with oil, and after 1-2 minutes of exposure remove the excess oil with a dry cloth (supplied by Javorina in the furniture care package). We wipe color-treated surfaces only gently, but not enough to leave shiny continuous layer on the surface. In the case of unavailability of furniture oil, it is also possible to use commercial preparations containing waxes and oils, such as Pronto (Johnson and Johnson), for routine care, when we follow the instructions for the product.

 If we repeat the treatment initially 1-2 times a month, a continuous protective layer will be created, which will be highly resistant to damage and liquids, will give the furniture an elegant shine and the surface will be very pleasant to the touch.

 If the surface of the furniture is damaged by liquids, scratches, ... the repair is similar - we sand the damaged area with sandpaper in the direction of the wood fibers and smooth it with an abrasive cloth. Apply furniture oil and after 1-2 minutes wipe off the unabsorbed excess dry with a dry cloth. Repeat smoothing with fabric and oiling the next day. Any lighter color of the treated area should unify over time by the action of light. (please see Surface repair part).

 Surface treatment - the oil provides full protection only after complete hardening, for which the Manufacturer sets 14 days. It becomes abrasion resistant, does not colour, does not bruise, but may be more sensitive to stains and wet dirt.

 We recommend soaking the used oiling agents in water (washing) or incinerating them due to possible spontaneous combustion.

 Oils and care aids are part of the delivery of each order, or you can order them at, resp., by phone, fax or letter.