You can find "Javorina" furniture in the network of stores published on the website or

Each authorized dealer at his point of sale has the goods available at the same recommended retail price and the provision of import services is recommended to be provided with the same price lists of services.

All Javorina products in the sales network include transport* in the price and delivery and assembly within the Slovak Republic.


* Individual conditions and above-standard delivery and installation service is a matter of individual consultation and pricing. (* tall buildings without the possibility of an elevator, oversized products, difficulty of parking). For more information about these services, please contact our dealers.

General Terms and Conditions

define transport and delivery services as follows:

Article V.

Terms of Delivery

1. The Seller is obliged to send the goods to the Buyer within 10 weeks from the creation of the Purchase contract, unless otherwise agreed, or if a longer delivery period was not specified for the goods.

2. If the goods are in stock, they are dispatched according to capacity as soon as possible.

3. If there are several goods and services in the order and some of them are not in stock, we inform the Buyer with the possibility of partial deliveries.

4. An invoice (tax document), instructions as well as other documents for the goods or services from the Manufacturer are sent to the Customer together with the goods.

5. The place of performance shall be deemed to be the place to which the goods are delivered.

6. The Seller carries out transport to the buyer through the Seller's own transportcarrier designated for this purpose by the Seller

Article VI.

 Shipping fees and payment options

1. When purchasing in the e-shop, all product prices include transport and service costs (delivery and installation) for transport within Slovakia, include transport costs to the destination (only) within the Czech Republic and are charged according to volume and distance to other European countries.

2. It is not possible to pay by cash on delivery for purchases in the e-shop, all offered products are made only on the basis of the received and confirmed order (and received payment).

3. The Seller may also agree with the Buyer on a procedure other than the standard (above) procedure for sending goods or services as well as prices for these services.

4. The Seller can send goods that are immediately available to the Buyer and deliver the rest of the order additionally within the statutory period, but provided that the buyer will not be charged any additional postage, except that included in the order.